Company profile

1990 - A private company was founded by Stanislav Rataj to produce and supply technical products for the agricultural industry. Included in these suppliers were shaftless flexible screw conveyors of the type SL, initially used for the conveying of light loose materials.

1994 - By gradual development and the necessity also to transport materials with larger particle size, including abrasive and adhesive powders and granules, and due to the high demand, Ing. Stanislav Rataj formed a company solely for the production of shaftless screw conveyors. In addition to flexible screws, rigid conveyors type RL were produced and supplied to Czech market.

1999 - Founding of RATAJ s.r.o. and achieving the leading position in the Czech and Slovak market for the manufacture and supply of shaftless screw conveyors both flexible and rigid type.

2000 - To increase the credibility of the company and its products and to ensure a high standard for the quality of production and for higher quality applications in the Czech Republic market and abroad, a quality system meeting the requirements of EN ISO 9002 was introduced. This was upgraded in 2003 to EN ISO 9001:2001. Since that period, a significant increase of the export of conveyors made by RATAJ s.r.o. has taken place, not only to Europe but also to Africa, America and Asia.

2003 - RATAJ SK s.r.o. was founded in the Slovak Republic. Initially, a warehouse for screws conveyors was opened and several months later, the production of conveyors for Slovakia was commenced.

2004 - Opening of dealership of the RATAJ Company in Poland. The polish market gradually becomes the largest export market of RATAJ. The overall export of the company exceeds 40% of all conveyors produced. Start of construction of a new production complex for the RATAJ Company on a 17,500 m2 plot of land. In the first stage, the warehouse and production premises covering 1,200 m2 were built.

2005 - Start of production of conveyors in the new production hall and opening of the screw, pipeline, and electrical gearbox warehouse. Significant increase of supplies of RATAJ shaftless screw conveyors into energy and heat generation industry, especially in the Czech Republic.

2006 - Purchase of CNC technology for cutting materials using a high-pressure stream. Export exceeded the limit of 50% of the conveyors produced. Based on the implemented supplies to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia a dealership of the RATAJ Company for the Baltic countries with headquarters in Lithuania is being prepared. The RATAJ Company became a member of the Heat Generation Association of the Czech Republic.

2007 - Transformation of RATAJ s.r.o. to the RATAJ a.s. Corporation. Participation in international fairs in Germany, England, Lithuania and Japan. During participation at the engineering fair in Japan (Osaka), a contract for exclusive representation of the RATAJ Company in Japan was concluded.

2010 - Opening of new administration building close to production hall in main area of RATAJ Company. There are all the employees together in one area. Had been granted the first patent on the cooling conveyor.

2011 - Founding the company RATAJ Polska Sp. z o.o. in Poland.

2012 - a prestigious award for its own production - CZECH MADE mark.

2015 - RATAJ company celebrate 25 years!