Theme: Warranty and service
Question: What is warranty time on conveyors and is possible to select length in this warranty?
Answer: Basic warranty time is 12 months. If the customer wants to extend warranty time, in same case is possible to length it to 36 months by fee 5 – 8% from purchase price by every 6 months moreover.

Theme: Warranty and service
Question: When we arrive to repair from reporting failure?
Answer: Because of our large flexibillity, we are able to send our workers in a several minutes from report. Our common way is to send workers next day and it count at weekends and holidays.

Theme: Warranty and services
Question: Do you have enough screws, pipelines and gear units for immediately repair?
Answer: Yes, for every customer which has conveyor from our company, we have supply of many everages of screw. In present it is about 25 diameters screws of types SL and SLN and more than 140 species of types RL and RLN including pipelines. Electric gear units are made „to measure“ (output revolutions, engine). If we have on warehouse similar, we are able to deliver it immediately. In other cases electric gear unit will be ordered and deliver about 3-7 days according to her size. Electric gear units of large size (weight above 100 kg), the term is handle individual.

Theme: Tests
Question: Can you test transport of our material?
Answer: Yes, on our test conveyors types SL and RL you will be able to see how is your material transported. You can try changes of transport performances etc.

Theme: Tests
Question: Are the tests for fee?
Answer: No, all tests and exhibitions of function of conveyors inside of company RATAJ are free.

Theme: Technology
Question: What does the system RATAFLEX means?
Answer: System RATAFLEX is protect of screw against deformation, if the foreign object fall into the conveyor or large pieces of material which conveyor is not able to transport.

Theme: Technology
Question: Can shaftless screw conveyor works without material?
Answer: Cannot, respectively by some condition: 1/ only for booting transported material or for clean and booting new material. 2/ at smaller diameters of conveyors fitted with a plastic insert RATAMID.

Theme: Technology
Question: How will you find out enough quantity inside of conveyor for his run?
Answer: Inside of input hooper or magazines are installed sensors of level (propeller, capactive, ultrasonic, infrared, etc.) which secure run of conveyor with material.

Theme: Technology
Question: Is necessary to empty conveyor before switch off?
Answer: No, conveyors are made to be able switched off at fully filled with material. Switch on and off could be more times per minute.

Theme: Technology
Question: Does the conveyors destined to the food industry have to be fill up of nature oil?
Answer: Yes, every conveyor which we deliver to food industry respectively to working where is requirements atest for food is gearbox is equipped with a food-grade oil.

Theme: ATEX
Question: Do you produce conveyors for use in potentially explosive atmospheres?
Answer: Yes, our company RATAJ produce shaftless screw conveyors to the potentially explosive atmospheres with a danger of explosive to zone 20, 21 and 22 by NV 23/2003 Sb.

Theme: ATEX
Question: Do you produce conveyors which are able to resist explode?
Answer: Yes, company RATAJ produce conveyors based on specific customer’s requirements. Because of their construction they are able to resist explode to pressure 1,0 Mpa.

Theme: ATEX
Question: What does the system RATATEX means?
Answer: The system RATATEX is registered mark of company RATAJ and it means that we develop secure system transfer explosion between the two technologies. Because of special adjust of conveyor is possible this system apply in spaces with potential explosive atmosphere and secure protect against transfer to the next technology.