Big-Bag stations

Optional components for conveyors could be this accessories:

- System of longitudinally opened popeline with electronic monitoring of the open state.
- Paddle, capacity or vibration sensors of material level monitoring in hoppers, containers and chutes
- Sensors for speed detection of the shaftless screw including the control electronics for start-up checking or detecting screw slippage.
- Manual or programmable control system.
- Frequency inverter for continuous dosing or change of the conveying rate of the conveyor.
- Load cells for continuous weighing in the shaftless screw conveyor.
- Closing valves with electric or pneumatic operation.
- Mobile frame with drive wheels including brake.
- Doping conveyor with double screw for extreme differences in the dosed quantity of material.
- Big – Bag filling station.
- Big – Bag emptying station.
- Big – Bag storage system consisting of arbitrarily combined


- Weighing strain ganges, including control system for filling or emptying Big – Bags.
- Suspended cross for lifting bags by forklift truck.
- Sliding struts of the Big – Bag station for various bag heights.
- Gate valves with pneumatic drive for controlling material falling from bags into the conveyor
- Any selection of the surface colour of the conveyor according to the RAL standart colour range.